A Focused ERP Solution for EMS Industry 

  • PCB Assembly

  • Wire and Harness Assembly

  • Integrated and Functional Testing

  • Box Build and System Assembly

  • FGI & General Inventory Warehousing

Any other ERP requires significant overhead to meerly approximate standard capabilities in MANEX. We go beyond standard features to create greater value for our users. We focus on the specialized functionality this unique industry requires. MANEX is a full solution designed to be intuitive for easy navigation and use.

MANEX may look like other ERP systems, but when you experience it, you will realize it was made just for you.

What you may not know, is that we originally started as an EMS company. Our business was growing, leading us to implement an ERP system. Using a generic ERP system, we were forced to change many aspects of our manufacturing processes and administrative functions in order to conform to the new system. However, even with this new ERP system, we were still left with many paper forms and spreadsheets we had to input manually. The frustration and inefficiencies of using a generic ERP system led us to develop our own ERP system that uses EMS terminology and adapts to our industry. By using our own software, we were able to eliminate all manual paperwork and spreadsheets, while reinstating the proper manufacturing processes for the EMS industry. Word of our tailored solution started spreading to other EMS businesses and they began inquiring about our newly developed software. As our new custom software continued gaining popularity, we decided to shift our focus into developing our custom ERP software.

MANEX has now been serving the EMS industry for over 20 years With feedback and input from our customers, MANEX continues to fill a specific requirement unmatched by any other ERP system. Our EMS customers are our design department, that is how MANEX provides a highly effective and specialized ERP solution for small and midsize Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) companies. MANEX is both powerful and easy to use.

The MANEX system is programmed in a comprehensive workflow/dashboard format designed to be intuitive for easy navigation and use.


Collaborative Supply Chain Management 

  • Customer Collaboration

  • Supplier Collaboration

  • Real-Time Information

To maintain a smooth manufacturing operation you need automatic and clear communication with your customers and suppliers. MANEX is a seamless communications system to help you partner with your customers and suppliers.

Low prices, high quality, and on-time delivery are no longer enough to beat the competition. These attributes are now standard requirements to play the game. You must continuously strengthen or develop better processes, automation, methods, and alliances to stay on top. Competition from around the globe is standard in the EMS industry.

Extensive inventories, agile manufacturing, ever-changing schedule requirements, and a multitude of quality standards and build specifications are the norm. To survive and flourish in this manufacturing environment, electronic manufacturers need stronger relationships with customers and suppliers. These complex pressures require a flexible, industry specific, Supply Chain Management (SCM) system.

SCM requires real-time data collaboration and sharing to achieve efficiency, improve communication and reduce errors.

To allow SCM to flow smoothly, MANEX has created tools to allow automated communcation enabling you to work more efficiently. MANEX increases productivity and reduces errors at real time speeds. This helps to reduce or eliminate a number of manual process steps to get the job done with the customers, suppliers, and partners.

Additionally, our detailed cross reference allows you to easily track material any way you want. We do the heavy lifting so you don't have to. You serve many masters with varying requirements, we designed MANEX to meet that challenge. You can track, maintain, and keep a record of all material activity by the customer number, manufacturer number, supplier number, and your part number. You can do this in any combination easily and efficiently. 


Anticipatory Data Analytics ERP System 

Anticipatory Data Analytics is one of many innovations driving our design to further enhance the Supply Chain Management.

Simply having an ERP system is not enough in the global competitive electronic manufacturing space. You need a system that takes all your Big Data and provides prompt meaningful information in order to more efficiently manage your manufacturing. MANEX helps by making suggestions to smooth operations and prevent problems. MANEX will monitor trends and suggest ways to reduce material cost, save on labor, and reduce equipment down time. MANEX's goal is to help prevent problems in quality, scheduling, processes, and material availability. Be proactive with MANEX, rather than reactive.

From the first time you load it, MANEX does things no other ERP system does even at 10x's the price. We custom designed this ERP for your specific needs.

We don't have the best generic ERP in the world. We have the best Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) ERP in the world. That is our passion. Because of our niche market passion, we can put laser focus in what we do to be the Best in the World for the EMS industry.

If you are in the EMS business and are looking for an ERP system, you have found the right place. We are from your industry and we understand your language and your needs.

EMS Manufacturing Compliance 

+ Conflict Mineral Tracking

+ Shelf Life Tracking (obsolescence)

+ End of Life Parts Management

+ Environmental Compliance

The EMS industry is required to conform to multiple customers manufacturing specifications which include IPC and ISO standards. MANEX helps you to maintain compliance and increase your customer's confidence in your precision, controls, and abilities. You can integrate it into your SOPs. Then, by virtue of using the MANEX system, it collects and maintains the proper records to help your company stay in compliance so you don't have to do it manually.

Training and Implementation 

We understand that once you select a system, you want to get it up and running right away. With MANEX, you don't need to teach us about your industry because we are from your industry. We have worked in and with the industry since the 1980s, so we speak your language. MANEX is easy to learn, easy to use. It is a no nonsense system you can use quickly and efficiently. New users can typically implement our ERP in less than a third of the time required by generic systems. This savings is multiplied over time when you factor in the employee turnover.

To help you get started as fast as possible, we have:

  • A structured implementation plan that provides step-by-step guidelines for a successful implementation

  • A default system setup template to reduce initial data entry

  • Built-in training/tutorials for user screens

  • An integrated operators guide focused on screens and processes

  • The MANEX consulting team with extensive experience in the EMS industry as well as a complete understanding of our system.

With so many specialized features and tools geared toward electronic manufacturing, it is no wonder that new users quickly feel comfortable with the system and think that our product was developed just for them.
You have spent enough time trying to find the right system. You are probably more than a little frustrated that no one seems to fully understand you or your business. That ends today. You have found the ONLY ERP designed for your business. Ask for a demonstration and more information to see the difference a tailored solution makes.


About Us

Solid as a rock. For more than 20 years we've weathered the ups and downs of the ERP industry while many other ERP systems have come and gone. Through closure and consolidation, the vast ERP market has shrunk significantly, but we remain true and are flourishing because we have maintained our singular focus on the EMS and related industries.

At MANEX ERP, the litmus test is Quality, Business Specificity, and ongoing Relevance - an ERP system that can stand the test of time. That is our core focus: the EMS industry. Our ERP system is not for the masses crossing over multiple industries. We don't know the idiosyncrasies of various manufacturing specialties, to be the best. We know the EMS industry because we are from that industry, which lets us be the best.

We understand that the EMS industry needs a system that is easy to learn and use and quick to implement while maintaining complex details to meet the customer requirements. That is why it was designed from the ground up using EMS terminology. We help to prevent errors, assist in making good decisions, and offer protection. Our ERP will help knowledge workers navigate the complex world of electronic manufacturing in new powerful ways. MANEX has an intuitive design that makes sense.

With thousands of users in our system everyday, we have big plans at MANEX ERP centered around continued improvement of our software in new and better ways of supporting our customers. We're not trying to change the world. We're just trying to offer our customers the best possible ERP solution.